DR WAKDE's Natural Health Clinic is a specialised natural
treatment centre
offering therapeutic treatments based on
Ayurvedic medicine and complements these with herbal
medicines, holistic therapies & various non-drug treatments.

So visit us today and let’s help you turn your life around ...
Opening Hours   

Open 5 days a week     
10.00 am to 5.00 pm (Monday to Friday)

ou can book your appointment online, by
telephone or by email. .

For any queries about the appointment please
contact the clinic direct:
T:  0208 432 2726         E:  info@dr-wakde.com
Disclaimer :  Ayurvedic medicine is a well established and integrated system of medicine in India and other countries. Ayurvedic Practitioners offer health advice within the scope of
Ayurvedic medicine and it is not intended to replace the advice by a medical doctor or essential treatment for medical conditions for which medical supervision should be sought.