"If anyone is in any doubt as to the merits of Ayurvedic treatment
I can only say that having never undergone any before i am now
utterly converted. Dr Wakde and his wife run the most accessible,
and on the outside, understated, approach to Ayurvedic health
but one that works better than i ever gave it credit for. I underwent
a complete assessment for over an hour, which ended with a
prescription: full detox week, with massages, reiki, enemas, hot
herb bag applications and a particular prescription of herbs and
pills to help dispell the Ama in my body. I was suffering from over
110 percent inflammation when i was discharged from hospital
with the diagnosis of "inflammatory poly-arthropathy'. I am now
down to half my cortisone dose and the pain is at least reduced
by half ( all this in one week!). I am returning for another full week
of massages, and detox diet of Kitchari ( you can do it!) to help
wean me off the last of the cortisone ( i hope!). I am utterly
convinced at the validity of this treatment and regret that it took
me so long to find them! THANK YOU ALL at the clinic"

Marella Oppenheim

"This was my first visit to an Ayurveda Clinic away from India- I
visited Dr. Wakde's Clinic for my annual Panchakarma
(detoxification) regime (which I take back home in India), not
really knowing what might be passed off as "Panchakarma" here
in London- I had gone there on a friend's recommendation, but
I'm glad I did... in the initial consultation itself reg. different
regimes and which one (and why) would be suitable for me, it
was quite evident that these guys know their stuff.. the actual
detox sessions were also conducted very professionally... I got
my money's worth- I definitely know I won't be flying to India
anymore for my yearly detox! Highly recommended."

Dr K. Katti, MD
Consultant & Professor

"To all the members of staff at Dr wakde's clinic,

Thank you very much for making me feel good after 2 months of
After having contracted a skin disease called lichen Planus, and
after having gone through the normal route, I was prescibed
steroid...I have categorically refused in taking that type of
medication. I have always known that the skin is the mirror of
your mind or soul and therefore I decided to try  alternative
medication......and here I am now at your Clinic. It is working
wonders, not only it is curing my skin but I feel I am a different
person alll together.
I highly recommend your clinic to anyone out there who is willing
to try alternative treatment!

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in a month's time..."

Nancy P.

"I had a diagnosis from a back consultant that I would need a
back fusion if I was to get relief from my back pain… Apart from
taking/chewing on pain killers and living like an old woman at
38.. But I am almost pain free. My legs feel strong again climbing
stairs and I can again walk around the shops and do things. Also
with little no pain killers. I went to the Hammersmith clinic of Dr
Wakde’s. Its sad that such holistic treatments and herbal
medicine is not available on NHS or covered by private
insurances and you have to pay for it. But I think when you are in
such a bad pain you will try anything.. I will eventually need the
operation as there is no going back from the mechanical
damage to my back BUT.. I have had huge relief from the pain I
was getting and I am able to stave off the operation til better
technology exists."


"I was always skeptical about using herbal medicines. Having
tried all the things for my Hair-loss problem, a friend of my
recommended this Clinic. I decided to give it a try. During my first
visit, my health was thoroughly investigated with an hour long
consultation ( never spent that much time with my doctor before).
My hair-loss was diagnosed as ‘Telogen effluvium’ and i was
offered a course of herbal medicines. As i was desperate ti try
anything, i continued the treatment with diet plan. To my surprise,
my hair loss stopped completely within 3-4 weeks. Having taken
these herbs for 3 months, I have no hair-fall, my hair are much
thicker and feel more relaxed and calm. Thanks to This Clinic
and it’s friendly staff."

Ms Cam
Complementary therapist

"I visited Dr Wakde’s Clinic few months back and was suffering
from hair loss. At that time I thought that I am going to lose all my
hair but after joining under Dr Wakde’s care things changed. He
took real good care of my hair loss and also helped me with other
ailments. My hair loss has decreased to a great extent, I have no
dandruff, no split ends and my hair just looks fabulous – thanks
to this Clinic."

Mr R. Smith

"My son was suffering from Atopic dermatitis and Allergic Rhinitis
since he was 2 years of age. His skin condition over a period of
time had become worse and we did not know what to do and
were very much worried. I could not understand what was the

One fine day I visited Dr Wakde's clinic at Hammersmith. I was
then consulted by the Practitioner who explained about my son's
skin condition and then started his treatment. I was very much
relaxed and peace within myself after his consultation. To my
surprise with 3 months of the treatment his skin and respiratory
complaints were much better. Thanks to Dr Wakde's for taking
great care and for being very kind. He is really a good and caring
doctor. Keep it up."

"I first visited Dr. Wakde's Natural Health Clinic because I was suffering
from hair loss as well as a general state of nervousness and from
sleeping problems. Upon entering the premises, I was uplifted by the
orderliness and freshness of the space. The environment itself was
"healing at first sight".

After registering my details I proceeded to the consultation room where
I received Dr. Wakde's totally focussed and fully dedicated
personalised attention. I was very pleased by the clinic's holistic
approach in diagnosing my bodily imbalances and linking them to my
psychological state. It felt like pieces of the puzzle were finally put
together. Afterwards, I knew I was in the safest hands and being really
well taken care of and I was very happy to purchase the Dr. Wakde
branded natural medicinal herbal supplements prescribed for the
"detox" regimen that was recommended to me to follow for a period of
three months.

Within a period of two weeks, I started to notice positive changes in my
sleeping quality and an overall bodily "lightness" that made me feel
really terrific. My sleeping quality improved significantly. I continued on
the detox for another two and a half months and I was very pleased to
find many sources on Ayurvedic food diet which helped me be creative
with my cooking and lifestyle. These supported my Dr. Wakde "detox"
and made me come to believe that "We Are What We Eat" which is the
principle that an Ayurvedic diet is based on. I also had a few "detox"
massages at Dr. Wakde which improved my circulation and gave great
support to my body to expel all the toxins that had accumulated in it.

The nourishing oils used were specifically tailored to my natural
constitution and needs. My hair became noticeably stronger after two
months and its original colour intensified. My Friends were in awe
about its density level in comparison to what it was like before the
Dr. Wakde treatment. They had no idea I was on the treatment. The
healing I experienced because of Dr. Wakde had a most positive
impact on all other aspects in my life.

I have been recommending Dr. Wakde to all members of my family
and friends, only to be instrumental in increasing their health and
happiness in life out of my love for them."

Investment Manager


"I am 37 years old and I wanted to complement Dr Wakde, as one of
his younger patients. My 1st visit had to do with the cold feeling in my
hands and my feet. Yet, once I was analyzed by the doctor, it was clear
that I had more symptoms than I thought. For instance, my memory
was not up to par, and I was under way too much stress in my life
without being able to handle it correctly.

Dr Wakde was able to identify that I had way too much of the
imbalances. After checking the variety of pulse rates in my wrist, and
thorough assessment , he was able to read me like a book. Everything
he mentioned about my lifestyle, was exactly correct. He cured me by
prescribing 7 days of the Panchakarma Treatment, and that had to be
the most relaxing 5 days of my life.

Within a month of taking nearly 5 different types of herbs my health
began to improve and I began to relax in life and ease up on all of my
stress. He also issued me a yoga and breathing meditation regime. If
anyone is seeking a purely natural way to heal internally and mentally,
I would highly recommend visiting this Clinic. It truly teaches you to
look inside of yourself and through the meditation and yoga, one
literally learns how to heal one’s body (and mind). On a last note, I am
still taking the herbs which he prescribed and feeling the best I’ve ever
felt in my life. God bless and….NAMASTE."

Mrs Y. Hu
Research Scientist

"My 3 year old daughter has suffered from severe eczema all over her
body since she was 6 months old. We have been to several skin
specialists and doctors etc., and tried every cream ointment, wet wrap
bandages and steroid going. We were at our wits end and exhausted,
and our little girls agony was no better. Our local pharmacist
recommended we take her to see a herbal practitioner, so we booked
into Dr Wakde’s health clinic.

After a 10 minute wait we were seen by Dr Wakde. He showed great
concern for my daughters health, and had great confidence they could
help. We bought, for £90 total, tablets to detox her body, cream and oil
for her skin. We were given herbal tea pouches to apply externally.
Although wary to begin with, my husband and I were desperate for it to
work. My daughter has had to wear gloves for the past 3 months to stop
her scratching herself to pieces, and she was getting tired of wearing
them. Bath times were a nightmare, as the water hurt her dry, cracked
and sore skin. Coping with her poorly skin and watching her suffer
broke mine and my husbands hearts. Getting her to take the pills
wasnt easy, but we made it, and I want to share with you how delighted
I am with the results.

Gone are the bandages. She has lovely clear skin on her hands and
her feet are almost clear. The back of her legs, which were particularly
bad, are clear!!!! I can not remember a time, since she was born, that
her skin was so soft. She is happier and more confident than she has
ever been, and she keeps on showing everybody how great her skin
is. We are over the moon with the results, and can not explain the
difference it has made to all of our lives! Thanks"


"After detoxing my body for 8 days at this Clinic, I began to notice that
my skin was glowing and my dark under-eye circles had reduced
noticeably. My body felt lighter and I no longer experienced any
bloating or constipation.

After completing 2 weeks of my medication and applying the paste to
my body with oil, I have already noticed a difference in the color of my
skin. It is much more brighter and glowing. The discoloration had
reduced significantly and I feel much more confident about my skin on
my whole body.

I also feel much calmer as a person and much less stressed after the
detox and medication."

A. Solanki