"If anyone is in any doubt as to the merits of Ayurvedic treatment
I can only say that having never undergone any before i am now
utterly converted. Dr Wakde and his wife run the most accessible,
and on the outside, understated, approach to Ayurvedic health
but one that works better than i ever gave it credit for. I underwent
a complete assessment for over an hour, which ended with a
prescription: full Panchkarma week, with massages, enemas, hot
herb bag applications and a particular prescription of herbs and
pills to help dispell the Ama in my body. I was suffering from over
110 percent inflammation when i was discharged from hospital
with the diagnosis of "inflammatory poly-arthropathy'. I am now
down to half my cortisone dose and the pain is at least reduced
by half ( all this in one week!). I am returning for another full week
of massages, and detox diet of Kitchari ( you can do it!) to help
wean me off the last of the cortisone ( i hope!). I am utterly
convinced at the validity of this treatment and regret that it took
me so long to find them! THANK YOU ALL at the clinic"

Marella Oppenheim, London

"Dr. Wakde's 7-Day Program is a comprehensive plan to
rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit.  The Wakdes give very
personal attention, and the treatments are divine!  I have
continued with their recommended diet, which is pleasant and
easy to follow, and people I meet keep telling me that I am

Karen Essex, London
Internationally Best Selling Author

"I did the program 2 weeks ago.  The results were fantastic.  In no
specific order, I found that i am sleeping better, my skin is
glowing, and very smooth, my complexion looks just right,my hair
is healthy and silky and the loss almost stopped... among the
many other body changes. My mind is alert and very productive
at work. A positive energy comes out of me. I feel great.  The
cleansing was happening on a deep level. Friends say i look

Breaking the coffee habit was hard:  terrible headaches and
constantly tired. But now i am off coffee!

Both Dr Wakdes are very knowledgeable, professional and
friendly.  The combination of treatments was very well thought
through. Their products are fantastic.  

This program is  worth every minute and penny.

Maya Farhat, London

"After detoxing my body for 7 days at this Clinic, I began to notice
that my skin was glowing and my dark under-eye circles had
reduced noticeably. My body felt lighter and I no longer
experienced any bloating or constipation.

After completing 2 weeks of my medication and applying the
paste to my body with oil, I have already noticed a difference in
the color of my skin. It is much more brighter and glowing. The
discoloration had reduced significantly and I feel much more
confident about my skin on my whole body.

I also feel much calmer as a person and much less stressed after
the detox and medication."

A. Solanki, London

"This was my first visit to an Ayurveda Clinic away from India. I
visited Dr. Wakde's Clinic for my annual Panchakarma
(detoxification) regime (which I take back home in India), not
really knowing what might be passed off as "Panchakarma" here
in London- I had gone there on a friend's recommendation, but
I'm glad I did... in the initial consultation itself reg. different
regimes and which one (and why) would be suitable for me, it
was quite evident that these guys know their stuff.. the actual
detox sessions were also conducted very professionally... I got
my money's worth- I definitely know I won't be flying to India
anymore for my yearly detox! Highly recommended."

Dr K. Katti, MD
Consultant & Professor

"To all the members of staff at Dr wakde's clinic,

Thank you very much for making me feel good after 2 months of
After having contracted a skin disease called lichen Planus, and
after having gone through the normal route, I was prescibed
steroid...I have categorically refused in taking that type of
medication. I have always known that the skin is the mirror of
your mind or soul and therefore I decided to try  alternative
medication......and here I am now at your Clinic. It is working
wonders, not only it is curing my skin but I feel I am a different
person alll together.
I highly recommend your clinic to anyone out there who is willing
to try alternative treatment!

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in a month's time..."

Nancy P.

"I had a diagnosis from a back consultant that I would need a
back fusion if I was to get relief from my back pain… Apart from
taking/chewing on pain killers and living like an old woman at
38.. But I am almost pain free. My legs feel strong again climbing
stairs and I can again walk around the shops and do things. Also
with little no pain killers. I went to the Hammersmith clinic of Dr
Wakde’s. Its sad that such holistic treatments and herbal
medicine is not available on NHS or covered by private
insurances and you have to pay for it. But I think when you are in
such a bad pain you will try anything.. I will eventually need the
operation as there is no going back from the mechanical
damage to my back BUT.. I have had huge relief from the pain I
was getting and I am able to stave off the operation til better
technology exists."