Panchkarma 8-days healing program

Get ready to experience the only mind-body healing program that
combines daily healing treatments; a staff of Ayurvedic physicians,
therapists, and masters in yoga, meditation, and the unique
cleansing and detoxification therapy known as Panchkarma.

For thousands of years, people from throughout the world have benefited from the life-
transforming treatments of Panchkarma. Based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic healing arts,
Panchkarma Program is a total mind-body healing experience. During your stay, you will not
only feel pampered and revitalized – you will also learn tools and techniques that you can
immediately use to cultivate physical health and emotional wellbeing when you return home.

Panchkarma Program is offered exclusively at
Bansko (Bulgaria), nestled in the Balkan
mountains at GreenLife Ski & Spa Resort. When you're not enjoying healing therapies,
meditations, yoga or instructional sessions, you can luxuriate in the beautiful, soothing
environment or feel the caress of the fresh breeze in the mountains.

During the Program, you will feel your stress and tension melt away as our highly trained team of
physicians, therapists and Yoga masters help you restore your balance and address your
personal health and life concerns.

Panchkarma is an elegant Ayurvedic cleansing process that releases accumulated toxins and
stress from the mind-body system. It is based on the principles of Ayurveda - a powerful natural
healing system that originated in India 5,000 years ago.

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