What is the Panchkarma program?
DR WAKDE’s Panchkarma  Program is a 7-days mind-body healing immersion offered on selected
weeks at Greenlife Resort, located in the beautiful Balkan mountains of Bansko, Bulgaria

Based on the powerful principles of Ayurveda – India’s 5000 year old healing healing system, this
signature mind-body program will teach you the ancient principles and techniques to soothe your
body and mind, ease your stress, and relieve your anxiety.

Panchkarma program invites you to step out of your busy life of challenges and deadlines and
immerse yourself in the healing world of Ayurveda.

Your path to wellness includes classes taught by Dr Wakde, an holistic medical consultation,
customized Ayurvedic massage treatments for your mind-body personality, detoxifying and
rejuvenating therapies – plus instructions in Meditation & Yoga classes.

Attendance at the Panchkarma program is limited to 20 guests (8-Day Program) to ensure the most
personal and intimate experience.

What happens at the Panchkarma program?
The Panchkarma experience begins on Friday evening with an Orientation with the Program
Manager and Medical Director who will be guiding and supporting you throughout the week along
with the therapists, Yoga masters and Ayurvedic physicians on staff.

Your first day will include the following:
 Medical Consultation & health assessment
•        Holistic assessment of your unique Prakriti (Mind Body Constitution)
•        Guidance on Panchkarma
•        Introduction to Ayurveda

Follow-up assessments with one of our Ayurvedic Physicians, is scheduled during your
Panchkarma week and at the end. Throughout the Panchkarma, healthy food menus at Breakfast,
lunch and dinner are included each day.

All instruction takes place in the Greenlife’s warm and welcoming room where you can make
yourself comfortable and at home.  Fresh ginger and herbal teas and warm water are available
throughout the day.  In this intimate setting, our master educators will teach you the fundamentals of
living an Ayurvedic lifestyle:

The last day’s Integration session brings all that you have learned and experienced together so you
will be ready to  implement the teachings and your new tools into your daily life successfully.  

The 8th Day of the Panchkarma Program is devoted to rejuvenation and self nourishment.  At this
point, you’ve released an enormous amount of physical and emotional toxicity and are beginning
the Ayurvedic process known as rasayna- a Sanskrit term that means “that which nourishes.”  

Who can benefit from Panchkarma?
The Panchkarma program provides immediate and long-term benefits to anyone seeking improved
health and vitality, including those coping with:
•        Physical or emotional pain
•        Depression and anxiety
•        Chronic health issues
•        Job burnout and stress
•        Relationship difficulties
•        Autoimmune disorders
•        Cancer and chemotherapy

Whether you are at a crossroads in your life, facing a health challenge, or you want to expand your
current levels of health and wellbeing, the Panchkarma program will give you a lifetime of healing

What is included?
Your path to Panchkarma includes:
  •        Customized Ayurvedic massage treatments
  •      Detoxifying and rejuvenating therapies
  •        A mind-body medical consultation with a staff physician
  •        Instruction in Meditation, Yoga, and the life healing techniques of Ayurveda
  •        Daily classes that include effective balancing routines, optimal nutrition, emotional  
        clearing practices, and conscious communication
  •      Specially designed Panchkarma Cleansing food menu throughout the Program.
  •      Herbal Supplements for the Panchkarma week and aftercare.
  •      A supportive environment that provides space for true contemplation and self-healing.
  •        Personal time for renewal and inner reflection

At the end of the Panchkarma program, you’ll leave feeling renewed, rejuvenated, and more vibrant
on all levels. Using the knowledge you gain at the Program, you will be empowered to make more
conscious choices about your health and wellbeing.

Where can I stay?
The Panchkarma Program includes staying at Greenlife Ski & Spa Resort. For further details about
the accommodation and stay please visit –

Greenlife Ski & Spa Resort, Bansko