Skin treatment

Studies show that facials are the most luxurious way to refresh the skin. Luxuriously keep the
skin healthy with Ayurvedic Skin treatments The treatment involves face-massage with exotic
oils, steam, exfoliation and nourishing herbal masks.

Beginning with a skin assessment, guests go on to receive a warm herbal oil facial massage
that aims to improve circulation, tone, and suppleness. To complete the experience, facades
are faced with a toxin flushing ozone steam, exfoliating massage to remove the dead skin and
a herbal mask treatment tailored to deal with skin's specific woes.

The Clinic hosts an array of medicinal herbs and natural therapies. Treating an abundance of
common skin conditions, the clinic specialises in providing a plethora of natural remedies.
The staff caters to a wide range of wellness endeavors and employs pharmaceutical-grade
skin-care products to promote healthy hides and clean the wounds of highlighter fights.

Availability -
Anti-ageing skin mask
 (Massage, steam and mask)
Mask for acne and Rosacea (Massage, steam and mask)
Mask for Spots & Pigments (Massage, Steam and mask)
Mask for vitality (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)

Time:   1 hour

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