Head and Scalp

Shirobhyanga (head & Scalp massage)
Specialised Shirobhyanga treatment combines head & scalp massage focusing on key
marma points. This treatment helps to calm and relax your body.

Duration - 45 mins  

Shirodhara (oil-flow on the forehead)
The Shirodhara is the most meditative and relaxing treatment in which a soothing stream of
warm oil is poured over the forehead and the sixth Chakra, your intuitive energetic centre. It
calms and integrated the mind and body.

Duration - 1 hour          

Shirobasti (oil treatment)
Shirobasti is a unique procedure of applying oil to the scalp in the form of oil-bath. The
herbalized oil is poured in the cap-reservoir and retained for specific time duration
(30-45mins) followed by gentle head and scalp  massage.

Duration - 1 hour

Hair & Scalp treatment
This treatment is aimed at nourishing the hair follicles. It involves stimulating hair mask with  
herbs, deep scalp massage with herbal oil and steam treatment.

Duration - 1 hour

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