Medicinal enemas

Oil enemas are a central part of Ayurveda, in fact there are over 100 specific enemas listed in
the ancient medical texts.

The therapy starts with a warm oil massage in abdominal and low back area. It is followed by
heat treatment. Specially selected and prepared oils are gently inserted into the rectum and
allowed to lubricate over time. Ideally the oil should be kept in for several hours, preferably over

Far more gentle than colonic irrigation, oil enemas offer an effective and gentle alternative way
to cleanse.

The different types of Basti treatments include -
Matra-basti  -  
Enema of herbal oil or ghee (60 - 100ml in quantity)

Anuvasana basti -
Lubricating enema of Sesame oil or herbal oils (250ml in quantity)

Shodhana basti -
Purificatory enema of herbal decoctions (1 to 1.5 Litres in quantity)

Kshira basti -
Nourishing enema of Herbalized milk (100 to 250ml in quantity)

Jala-basti -
Cleansing enema of warm water

The therapy involves a  thorough assessment of the health problem by our Ayurvedic doctor for
suitability of this therapy.

The therapy is run over 8 days which involves -
1. Everyday abdominal and low back massage with warm oil
2. Everyday steam/heat treatments to lower abdomen and back
4. Medicinal enemas (everyday)

Duration - 8 days

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