May 21st, 2012
The Ecologist

Review : The Backache therapy massage
Combining stress-busting know how with Ayurvedic tradition, Dr
Wakde’s Natural Health Clinic is the place to go when you need a
natural solution for stress and aches, says a revitalised Ruth Styles

Natural and holistic remedies might divide opinion among the medical
fraternity but for the rest of us, they’re worth considering. Homeopathy,
reflexology and aromatherapy might not be nature’s magic bullet for
health woes, but there’s evidence to suggest that all three ameliorate, if
not always cure, common ailments with muscle pain proving particularly
amenable. Ayurveda too is often written off as a souped-up sort of beauty
treatment but that, even more so than with other holistic therapies, would
be unfair. As Dr Nilesh Wakde, ayurvedic practitioner and owner of the
Hammersmith based Dr Wakde’s Natural Health Clinic, points out: it’s
not just about getting to grips with the symptoms – it’s about overhauling
your lifestyle.