April 7th, 2012

Full of Eastern promises ...
Clients take a break from life’s demands to revitalise and relax at the
newly opened London Clinic.

Since DR WAKDE’s Natural Health Clinic opened in May, they have been
inundated with bookings for the highly anticipated and out of the ordinary
health treatments –
Optimum Detox Programme.

Located on King Street, the clinic is the first establishment in West
London to offer this popular Ayurvedic therapy, in which a series of
treatments including Massages, colon cleansings, steams, detox foods,
Reiki and yoga treatments are offered for 7 days. The long list of benefits
of these healing treatments goes beyond body-mind and spirit.  After
hearing so much about this new clinic, curiosity took over and I booked
myself in for the treatments.
The atmosphere at the Clinic is instantly calming and comforting,
secretly hidden away from the bustling town centre. The contemporary
decor and furnishings give the place a chic, beauty look.

I was taken into a consulting room with an hour long consultation with Dr
Wakde, who is one of the few Ayurvedic doctors in this country, with
medical training and many years of experience in Ayurvedic medicine, a
traditional system of healing medicine and healthcare practised in India
since 5000 BCE. My health was thoroughly assessed and examined and
the treatment plan was decided. I guess it was the longest session I ever
had with a doctor.

The typical day starts with Morning yoga exercises with the breakfast of
detox tea, fruits and herbal supplements. Two hours of cleansing,
detoxifying and completely relaxing treatments every day. It was an
absolute bliss! The detox food plan was customised according to my
body type and wasn’t really a deprived one. The food recipes of rice,
beans, vegetables, soups were quite enjoying one.  The yoga, meditation
and breathing exercises, I felt, enriched my soul.
After following the programme, I not only lost my weight but felt 10 years
younger. Indeed I felt more healthy ever. Although I had many detoxes
before, this one was a very pleasant, soothing experience. The result
lasted days – I was very impressed and definitely recommend it as a
healthy regime.

The clinic also offers customised solutions for various health problems
ranging from Skin diseases to Arthritis. This is not just a ‘Clinic,’ but
entirely a ‘health and wellness’ brand on its own. Pure and high quality
healing herbs along with the entire range of skincare, haircare, bodycare
products, health supplements, natural remedies are offered in the clinic,
I particularly liked ‘Enriching skin gel’ which keeps my skin supple, soft
and well hydrated.
It is recommended that client have this complete detox programme at
least once a year to maintain the positive health. Indeed, it was a nice
break from life’s demands, and felt revitalised and relaxed !

For further details, visit
0208 432 2726