Herbal medicine

Herbs are an integral part of our Clinic. They are specially formulated and include flowers,
leaves, seeds, roots & barks. Each herb has healing properties which are used for specific
purposes & perform particular functions. The practitioner prescribe the combination of herbal
formulations specifically suited to treat you and your conditions.

Each prescription is therefore tailor-made.

Herbal medicines are aimed to stimulate an individual's healing powers. The right medicine
play a major role in this process.

All kinds of naturally occuring raw materials are used in the treatments. Ayurvedic medicines
uses mixtures of naturally occurring materials of vegetable and mineral origin for medicinal
purposes.  For instance, Ginger, Eucalyptus, Aloe vera are well known medicinal herbs and
Alum, sea-salts are typical mineral substances.

The medicaments used in the clinic are made primarily from herbs, sometimes in
combination with minerals. The ingredients are purified by individual processes. To a great
extent, the character of a particular therapy is determined by its medication.

These herbal preparations are multi-faceted in  orientation. Their spectrum includes herbal
juices, decoctions, teas, liquid or dried extracts, vegetable concentrates, tablets or capsules,
herbal oils, etc

You start by taking the herbal prescription every day. As treatment continues your progress is
closely monitored through regular consultations. Our practitioners will alter the prescription &
reduce the dosage accordingly. Since all patients & conditions are different, length of treatment
can vary from few weeks to several months. After a period of treatment you are able to stop the
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