Practitioners at our Clinic aim to form a picture of the physical, psychological and personal
circumstances that have paved the way for an illness to take hold. Taking such factors into
consideration during diagnosis and therapy and re-applying the process to every new patient,
guided by scientific findings, clinical experience, personal discernment and intuition, is
fundamental to Ayurvedic medicine.

In the diagnosis and treatment process, doctors attempt to include the individuality of patient, as
well as accepted features of an illness.
Just as each person is different, so is each treatment.

During the consultations, they assess the individual's health with thorough clinical examinations
of all the bodily systems. They examine the individual, observing body language, expressions,
gait, postures. They feel and listen to the body. Equal importance is given to the individual's
diets, appetite, bowel habits, sleep, mind set up, emotions etc.

The patient is not simply a passive recipient of medical skill, but an equal partner with the doctor.

After all nobody can know the patient better than the patient.