Dr Nilesh Wakde has practised and taught Ayurvedic medicine for last few years. He is originally
trained in Ayurvedic medicine and Surgery with further qualifications in Biomedical sciences. He is
1 st Ranker in the University of Mumbai in his Bachelor degree in Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery.
After practising in India, he then moved to UK and did his post-graduation from University of

He was then a
Lecturer at Thames Valley University & Ayurvedic University of Europe, teaching
Bachelor's degree programmes in Ayurveda. He was an Honorary Lecturer at
 Italian Centre for the
Study of Oriental Medicine at Brescia University, Italy

He offers his international clinics in Milan (Italy) and Sofia (Bulgaria).  He has successful clinics in
London and Europe and lectures worldwide.

Dr Wakde has attended, conducted & actively participated in various seminars, workshops, CPD
events & was featured in many magazines and  
British Television in 2004 and Bulgarian Television
in 2013. Over the years he has seen thousands of patients in London and Europe. His reputation as
an understanding and considerate practitioner attracts many patients from overseas and outside
B. Ayu Med & Surgery (IN), MSc(UK), ABAMC (UK)

Doctor of Ayurvedic medicine*                                
*Disclaimer :
Ayurvedic medicine is a well established and integrated system of medicine in
India and other countries. '
Doctor of Ayurvedic medicine' is a recognised
professional qualification holding a
Bachelor degree in Ayurvedic Medicine &
Surgery (BAMS)
. This should not be confused with conventional 'Medical
,' recognised by General Medical Council in UK. Ayurvedic Doctors offer
health advice within the scope of Ayurvedic medicine and it is not intended to
replace the advice by a medical doctor or medical supervision.