Dr Anu Wakde is a caring and passionate Practitioner. She is one of the few Ayurvedic doctors in
UK who followed 5 ½ years Bachelor medical degree programme in
Ayurvedic Medicine &
from University of Mumbai. She has done her post graduation in Medico-legal Systems &
Hospital Management
and has since dedicated her time to clinical practice.

She was an associate lecturer at
 Ayurvedic University of Europe and was teaching Ayurvedic
Specialist module on Gynaecoloy & Obstetrics to Bachelor degree programme in Ayurvedic
medicine. Over the years, she has contributed several articles in Newspapers, Magazines & health
B. Ayu Med & Surgery  (IN), PgD (Medico-legal Sys), DHA, ABAMC (UK)

Doctor of Ayurvedic medicine*                                
*Disclaimer :
Ayurvedic medicine is a well established and integrated system of medicine in
India and other countries. '
Doctor of Ayurvedic medicine' is a recognised
professional qualification holding a
Bachelor degree in Ayurvedic Medicine &
Surgery (BAMS)
. This should not be confused with conventional 'Medical
,' recognised by General Medical Council in UK. Ayurvedic Doctors offer
health advice within the scope of Ayurvedic medicine and it is not intended to
replace the advice by a medical doctor or medical supervision.